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tai chi - (Thailand - Spain Co-Creator) Patrick Stahl, from France, teaches Tai Chi in both Spain and Thailand Patrick Stahl started Martial Arts early 70th starting with Wrestling, Karate and Shorinji Kempo in Paris, and got a Silver Glove of French Savate Boxing in 1977 and an Educator certificate from the Federation in 1978.

He learned Taichi-Chikung in the 80th in Taiwan, and was able to train in different Asian countries such, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Thailand. In 1990 Patrick decided to stay in Thailand and in 1991 learned Thai Traditional Massage at Wat Pho Bangkok and by the side learned Yoga. This gave him a much deeper understanding of different levels of energy work.

Patrick was one of the pioneers of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day, and held events in 2000 in Pattaya Thailand, 2001 in Pattaya, 2002 in Ibiza, 2003 in Bangkok, and 2004 in Spain, with Escuela Valenciana de Tai Chi y Chi Kung.

Tai Chi - (Bulgaria Co-Creator) Stancho Stanev

Chief organizer of the World Taiji & Qigong Day events in Varna, Bulgaria.

Stancho Stanev is the Chief organizer of the World Taiji & Qigong Day events in Varna, Bulgaria. Engaged in Martial arts since 1967. Specialist in Wushu, Qigong, Qigong Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. Author of more than 25 books about Chinese culture.

President of:

Expresident of:
BULGARIAN WUSHU FEDERATION and main coach of the Bulgarian national Wushu team.

International referee in:

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Tai Chi - (Netherlands Co-Creator) Netherlands World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Co-Creator, Hans Poot, with friends and students From Netherlands World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Co-Creator, Hans Poot:


Hallo Your site is much better than the one before,very good. I [will] be glad that we do this year again the Worldtaichiday so it becomes famous over the whole world.


Hans Poot

school Tao,maassluis The netherlands

Point d’Emergence has been part of the international mobilization on The World TaiChi Day (then World TaiChi and QiGong Day) since 1999 Every year, two events took place, one in Paris (Nation) and one in the Southern Paris suburb (Longpont – 91), each one with around 15 or 25 participants. A local paper regularly covered the event.

Point D’Emergence in Paris and suburb (FRANCE)

Patrick Ongaro’s experience of TaiChi has built up through different teachings for over 20 years. In 1989, he founded his own school Point d’Emergence, and has been developing an original and evolving approach since then: Le Soi en Mouvement – the Self in Movement – is the awakening of our inner Joy through a fluidity of movement that springs from a vivid awareness of our sensations, a presence to the energies connecting us to the Universe, the Earth and the group, and a deep consciousness of our Spiritual Being.

Point d’Emergence offers ten weekly courses in Paris and suburb, plus numerous workshops in France and abroad (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt).

Romanian National Qigong Federation (RNQF) has supported World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's global health education efforts by organizing WTCQD events in Romania Romanian National Qigong Federation (RNQF) came into force on April 2002, under the direct coordination of The International Master of Qigong, Mr. Lin Kai Ting. RNQF is a non-governmental, unique organization, coordinating, controlling and authorizing Qigong activity of its member associations.

The mission of RNQF is to promote qigong, as an educational support/help for a healthy society with strong morale and ethical principles. Some of our objectives are:

- promoting Qigong practices as a mass phenomenon for Romanian people, emphasizing QilinGong (National School of Qigong) techniques;
- integrating qigong in the national educational, health and sport system;
- creating a Research Institute of Qigong,
- cooperating with medical units regarding the use of Qigong techniques.

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