World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Co-Creators:


[ T'ai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) ]


Malisa Ng: (middle)
is a certificated teacher of traditional Chen style TaiChi (Chen Village China) and a direct disciple of Master Zhu TianCai.

Orlando Garcia: (right)
Orlando graduated from the Beijing University of Physical Education, Wushu Department, and is a full time instructor & Technical Chairman of the NZ Kung Fu-Wushu Federation.

David Wong (left)
teaches Yang Style T’ai Chi Chuan including weapons and Qigong.
WTCQD Co-Creator Listing for New Zealand (Auckland)

New Zealand has kick-started WTCQD for the rest of the world since 2002. In three years these events in Auckland City have attracted wide public interest - especially from the Chinese migrant community.

It commences with a mass T’ai Chi performance followed by a varied programme of over 20 different routines from all styles. The programme also includes a free lesson for the public to try T'ai Chi for themselves. Please visit & New Zealand WTCQD Club Listings.

David Wong’s martial arts comes from a background of Karate, Kung Fu and T’ai Chi Chuan spanning a 30 year period. He currently

Malisa runs the Chen Style Taichicise Centre, She enjoys club teaching, home training and working in the local community. Past disciplines include Taekwando and Xingyi.

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