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This is one of the most well made and richly developed films I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Not one second is wasted, each seen pours lessons for humanity across the viewer's eyes, ears, and heart.

John Travolta's character suddenly is blessed "or cursed" by an ability to assimilate information and become aware of solutions at a staggering speed. His visions of possibililty are met with fear and resistence as he causes people's vision of reality and possibility to be challenged at their core.

His beautiful character is torn down by those who cannot understand what he offers their lives and world. They only see him breaking apart the limited view they had of the world.

All the characters in this film are brought to life by perfect performances. If you only see one more film in your life
. . . make sure it is Phenomenon.

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World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Founder, Bill Douglas, was selected as official movie reviewer for Newtopia Magazine.

Dear World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day,

Love your movie page!

Pat Thompson

A Tip from WTCQD:

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You'll find if you do Sitting Qigong before dinner and a movie, that you'll enjoy both much more.

Also, by calming our hearts and minds regularly, we discover that our tastes become more subtle.

Healthful foods become more appealing than junk food, and films with heart and soul become more satisfying than loud, violent, terrifying films.

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