"Rabbit Proof Fences"

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[English Language Film - Australian]

RABBIT PROOF FENCE - Based on a True Story

This film brings to our modern eyes the inhumanity we can unleash on one another by buying into the delusion that we are "better" than some other race, or nation.

"Rabbit Proof Fence" is a courageous self examination by Australian film makers of a stain on their own history. However, it speaks to many of us around the world, Americans in our treatment of American Indians, New Zealand's experience with the Maori tribespeople, Spain and Italy's experience with indigenous peoples in North and South America, and on and on around the planet.

Thank you to Australia for creating a film that can help us all begin to come to terms with our nation's pasts, and with indigenous people's worldwide. The world owes you a dept of appreciation for this courageous film.

I saw a documentary about the children of Aborigine descent who performed in this film, and the making of this film. These are children who really had little knowledge of the times this film was about. Yet, during one of the scenes when the children were being forced away from their families, I was powerfully affected when after the scene was over all the children were weeping uncontrollably. The director had to stop the shoot to come over and console them.

The past is held in the cells of humanity, passed down from generation to generation in unseen ways. We can't sweep the past under the rug, we must bring it into the light, so that it can begin to let go of our future. Otherwise it festers below the surface, like a lingering buried thorn.

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