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THE WAR - What's worth fighting for?

This American film is a heartwarming look at family, and a sobering look at war. This film was a very personal story for me, as my father suffered from delayed stress syndrome for his entire life. Our family still works to heal from it.

"The War" explores the disconnect between a man who's experienced war and his family back home who can never feel what he has experienced.

Yet, ultimately this film is about a man struggling to reconnect with his own humanity. War is a rage against the things we love, like when we rage and throw something down. But in war the result isn't broken cups, but broken people.

Kevin Costner and the other characters all unfold masterful performances that bring the profound lessons of this film straight to the heart and soul of the viewer.

"The War" is about much more than even this. Watch it. You'll be glad you did.

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Pat Thompson

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