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March 31, 2012

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012 10 am worldwide!

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Dear World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters,

Research indicates Qigong can help children with Autism. Austism is growing at a disturbing rate. Autism is only one of the many major health issues that T'ai Chi and/or Qigong are PROVEN to help with. Yet, most people remain ignorant of these powerful tools, as their health professionals too often only inform about drug solutions or surgical approaches. This was one of the reasons World Tai Chi Day was first created.

Read more about "qigong for austism" at:

Mayor of Town of Sahuarta, Arizona, proclaims WTCQD 2012!
Proivided by Patti of Taste of Tai Chi.

Regarding your coming World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events, In below articles you'll find an Opening Statement that many groups around the world have used to invoke their World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events. You will find it below in 7 languages.

Also, a note from the event's founder.

"It occurred to me this week that it was the division of the world that brought me to T'ai Chi and Qigong originally, and it was T'ai Chi and Qigong that showed me the connection of the world and that we are all one.

My father suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from war his entire life. Combat like he saw shatters your soul. It then takes you, and your children, a lifetime to heal from that explosive way of living, and to begin to put the pieces back together if you are lucky enough to find tools like I did to do that. My father's struggle showed me that war makes one feel "alone and separate" from the world.

That is why has offered free resources for returning veterans, to contribute to their healing... to their re-connection. I taught my father Qigong meditation and it helped him considerably. Later I'd teach at the VA hospital for PTSD patients.

As my T'ai Chi and Qigong journey enabled me to spend so many years immersing myself in the field of Qi ... as do so many others. I began to feel an absolute sense of being connected to "everything," everyone, every being. As the world grows more crowded our sense of connection grows.

My T'ai Chi and Qigong experience also left me convinced that there is a benevolent force just beneath the surface of our conscious lives, there to lift, open, and embrace us when we most need it.

This force is not a Chinese thing, but a human thing. We owe the Chinese a deep bow of gratitude for so adeptly creating mind-body tools enabling us to experience this inner-world that has profoundly improved the planet and increased its humanity ... but this Qi, this quantum field of connection between everyone, is universally accessible to all of humanity.

Oprah's Book Club pick, Eckart Tolle's, A New Earth, said that t'ai chi, qigong, yoga, and mind-body practices would be a major part of the global awakening. I've heard some teachers say, What does that mean exactly?

Here's what it means to me.

Each time I sit back and close my eyes, and breathe, and loosen, and allow myself to be filled with and expanded by the silken effortless nature of Qi, I know without a doubt that I am part of the whole, that we are not separate and alone.

As T'ai Chi and Qigong meditative arts foster this awakening to our connection it could lead to a new renaissance for humanity. Although the planet is more crowded than ever, and resources dwindle, the human imagination is continually inventing new technologies that could lift us all.

The only issue for humanity now is: Where do we focus our consciousness?

I remember an image of a Buddhist heaven and hell on a tea box I saw years ago. In the first image, portraying hell, a group of starving people sat emaciated around a pot of steaming stew. They were starving because their chopsticks were too long to get into their mouths.

In the heaven image the same group sat around with full happy bellies, because they'd begun reaching across the pot with their long chop sticks to feed one another.

They had awoken from an illusion of being separate. Their awakening saved them.

We are in the midst of great disillusionment on many levels. However, we are in times of tremendous hope and promise as the strains of our generation cause human beings to turn "to each other," rather than "on each other."

Yes, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day educates millions about health tools that can save society hundreds of billions in future health costs. Yes, we educate the world about what these tools are, and to find local teachers in their areas, and we expose millions to the arts through a global media campaign each year ...

But, as we and others new to the arts come together and open to a global sense of self, breathing as one, together, year after year, we permeate the global consciousness. There are ten billion cells in the human brain. We are approaching in our lifetimes ten billion people on earth. Consciousness is made of energy. This energy of consciousness emanates outward like energy waves do.

Our global event contributes a healing wave to this global ocean of human consciousness. T'ai Chi and Qigong's ability to immerse us in the Qi, the universal life energy permeating all of humanity further welds our connections to one another.

On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, 10 am local time worldwide, we will contribute a verse to symphony of history. As our planet continues to become more humane and compassionate, we will look back and realize we were part of that. We will be able to tell our grand children that we were a part of something that shifted and expanded the beautiful world they will have because of our vision.

But, on the other hand ... the most important reason to do T'ai Chi and Qigong ... is because its "fun." And what could be more fun than being part of a global T'ai Chi and Qigong wave and the evolution of humanity?

Have a really FUN World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!

-- Bill Douglas and Angela Wong-Douglas, Founders of WTCQD

New Zealanders Gearing Up for WTCQD 2012!

Uruguayans organize massive WTCQD

events each year

in Montevideo, the Capitol of Uruguay, South America. They are using Facebook to organize an even bigger event for 2012!!

Día Mundial del Tai Chi y Chi Kung en Uruguay

125 likes · 117 talking about this

Non-Profit Organization

Cada ano Uruguay tamien celebra el Dia Mundial del Tai Chi y Chi Kung el ultimo sabado de abril.

Sumate vos tambien a este Esfuerzo Global por la Salud la Sanacion Mundial.

Belgium is gearing up for WTCQD 2012,

and just sent us this update:

Dear Bill and Angela and WTCQD,

The taijiplayers really adore the t-shirts !

They like them because of the colour, the art work and the soft quality.

It gives our lessons an other dimension because we feel everytime connected to all the people who are playing taiji at that very moment.

Here some beautiful pictures from our Taiji-group in Overpelt Belgium.

So let's "play with the ball" or "open our wings like the white crane" and feel happy and connected to the energy of peace and harmony.

Thank you Angela and Bill !

Loving regards,




We have shipped ALL official t-shirt orders!

If you have ordered t-shirts, and have not gotten them yet, please reply to this email with details.

If you or your group haven't ordered them yet, please do so as soon as possible, in order to be assured of them arriving to you before WTCQD 2012.

Click this link to order securely:

or CALL US: 1-913-648-2256

or email

Several hospitals and universities have held World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events in past years.

Colorado College just announced their WTCQD 2012 event. Read more at:

Also, Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, United States, announced their WTCQD 2012 Event.

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center (Reading, Pennsylvania, United States) announced their plans for World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day 2012 celebrations!


WTCQD 2012 DEDICATIONS - Dr. Chow is Presenting in Missouri Soon! Enroll now!

As many of you know, we have officially dedicated World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2012 to Dr. Effie Chow and Dr. Ken Sancier.

Dr. Chow is doing a presentation in Missouri. See below article:

Read entire article and find out how to enroll at:

Testimonials for Dr. Effie's Chow's sometimes miraculous results of her Chow Medical Qigong.

The first is from a woman with CP who walked last month for the first time in 13 years!

After 3 sessions of Chow Medical Qigong with Dr. Chow, I was able to stand on my own on March 26, 2012 for 7.5 minutes without getting tired! I am also able to walk again much like I did over 13 years ago in high school, but now it is easier for me and I am not getting as tired as I did in the past. On March 28th, I stood for 15 minutes with no break, and on March 30th for 13.5 minutes.

Other testimonials

Man with severe bilateral stroke making no recovery in rehabilitation center is now walking.

Forty years of tinnitus cleared up after one session of Chow Medical Qigong therapy;

Woman requesting healing primarily for her back, found Chow Qigong dealing with her whole life instead: changed an estranged 30 year angry, no contact relationship with father who now thinks she is the "best" daughter, husband after 10 years Hepatitis C, (expected to die early) two courses of Interferon with decreasing effect, now with Chow Qigong is 3 years viral load free!

a former nurse suffered a stroke 9 years ago and was totally bedridden could not speak, with right sided paralysis and severe pain, prognosis was hopeless, nothing more could be done, and she would soon die. Chow Qigong totally relieved pain in 2 sessions, with subsequent Chow Medical Qigong therapy, she has gained movement of right side, speaking words with short sentences, got her up in easy-stand, and in motorized wheelchair and she is able to wheel herself around

Many who wore glasses for years are now able to read without glasses.

Pain of many years totally relieved

Insomnia for over 20 years now sleeping soundly since starting the training program.

Robert. Retired. Due to severe pain of left knee, had not run since 1983 (29 years ago!). After demonstration of Chow Qigong with him on stage for only 7 minutes before 200 people, he began running on the stage pain free and surprised! His comment: What am I doing running???!!!. Upon instruction from Dr. Chow, Robert proceeded to run around the huge ballroom amongst cheers and tears of all!

When asked who felt relief of pain, felt more relaxed and loose of shoulders, neck, back, etc., 3/4 of the 200 attendees raised their arms! Also many had psychological-emotional-stress release.

English version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters & Participants,

This global wave of goodwill provides a vision of hope and healing to a world hungry for such visions. Each year to view the photos of people from different cultures, religions, and every corner of the earth . . . breathing together . . . in this global Tai Chi & Qigong movement . . . is profound.

When you look thru the photographs and videos you see that "look" on people's faces, a look that conveys a feeling that all of us who've experienced the well-being that Qi, or life energy, expands through our mind and body when we make the space to breathe . . . and to let, calm, and wellness expand thru us.

When you see that look in all these diverse faces, from so many different lands, you can't help but deeply realize that we are indeed "one world . . . and, . . . one breath."

We are all connected by the field of life energy that physicists are now discovering permeates all existence.

By emersing ourselves in the field of life energy again and again, we become more and more grounded in the absolute reality that . . . we are all connected . . . all part of the web of life. And, by cultivating and growing the realization personally and globally, we may help in a subtle quiet way to usher in a more elegant future that nurtures us all in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

Again, thank you for making this extraordinary event and health movement possible thru your organizing and participation each year.


Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Co-Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

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Portuguese version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)


Esta onda global de boa vontade e otimismo induz a uma visão de esperança, bem-estar e paz para um mundo carente desses valores. A cada ano paramos um pouquinho para olhar as imagens dos povos das mais diferentes religiões e culturas, que se encontram nos mais diversos cantos da terra ... respirando juntos ... num movimento universal de energia do Tai Chi & Chi Kung ... isso tem um profundo significado de Unidade.

Quando você olha as fotos e os vídeos, vê estampado nas faces das pessoas um sorriso interior e um brilho no olhar que transmite o sentimento daquilo que todos nós experimentamos: o sabor do Chi, o bem-estar que essa energia vital proporciona ao se expandir pelas nossas mentes e corpos quando nos dispomos a simplesmente respirar ... e nos entregamos à quietude e à calma, e toda vitalidade se expande a partir do nosso interior.

Quando você observa olhares tão diferentes, em rostos tão diferentes, de terras tão diferentes, comungando um êxtase de tranqüilidade e harmonia, saiba que você pode concretamente realizar o que todos com certeza sonhamos: "um mundo ... uma respiração".

Estamos todos conectados, interligados por uma incomensurável onda energética, um campo de energia da vida que a física quântica agora confirma que permeia toda a existência. Emergindo seguidamente nesse campo vibracional da energia vital, nos tornamos mais e mais convictos dessa realidade absoluta ... nós todos somos ligados ... como elos de uma corrente ou como todas as partes da cadeia receptora da vida. E cultivando as sementes da nossa realização pessoal, ajudamos também num crescimento global, de uma forma equilibrada, participando da construção de um futuro mais alegre e saudável que nos nutrirá a todos de uma maneira que jamais, ainda, podemos imaginar. "

Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Co-Founders do Dia Mundial do Tai Chi e Chi Kung

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Spanish version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Estimados participantes y patrocinadores de la celebración del Día Mundial del Tai Chi y Qi Gong:

Esta onda global de buena voluntad proporciona una visión de esperanza y curación a un mundo hambriento de tales visiones. Cada año al ver las fotos de personas de diversas culturas, religiones, y de cada confín de la tierra... respirando juntos... en este movimiento global de Tai Chi y de Chi Kung... es profundamente inspirador.

Cuando usted mira las fotografías y los videos usted ve la "mirada" en las caras de las personas, una mirada que sintetiza una sensación que todos nosotros los que hemos tenido esa experiencia del bienestar que se adquiere a través del manejo del Qi, o energía de la vida, que se expande a través de nuestra mente y cuerpo cuando nos tomamos el tiempo para respirar. . . y calmarnos, y dejar que la salud se amplíe en nosotros.

Cuando usted ve esa mirada especial en todas estas caras diversas, de tantas y diversas tierras, usted no puede dejar de realizar profundamente que somos de hecho "un solo mundo... y... un solo aliento."

Todos estamos conectados por el campo de la energía de la vida que los físicos ahora están descubriendo y que, de hecho, impregna toda la existencia.

Al sumergirnos en el campo de la energía de la vida repetidas veces, nos convencemos más y más de la absoluta realidad... de que todos estamos conectados... de que todos somos parte del enrejado de la vida. Y, cultivando y creciendo lo realizado tanto personal como globalmente, podemos ayudar de una manera sutil y reservada a llevar a un futuro que nos consolide a todos de maneras que no podemos todavía incluso imaginarnos.

Una vez más gracias por hacer este acontecimiento y movimiento extraordinarios de la salud directo posible a través de su participación activa.


Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Co-Fundadores del Día Mundial del Tai Chi y Qi Gong.

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French version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Lettre de l'organisateur de la Journée Mondiale du Tai Chi et Qigong

Chers amis qui participez à la Journée Mondiale du Tai Chi et Qigong, ou qui la soutenez,

Cette vague mondiale de bonne volonté apporte une vision d'espoir et de guérison à un monde qui a soif de telles visions. Voir chaque année les photos de personnes de différentes cultures, religions, de tous les coins de la terre... respirant ensemble dans ce mouvement mondial de Tai Chi et Qigong, est une expérience profonde.

Lorsqu'on regarde toutes ces photos et vidéos, on découvre une même expression sur les visages : une expression qui traduit le sentiment ressenti par nous tous qui vivons ce bien-être diffusé par le Qi ou énergie vitale dans notre esprit et notre corps quand nous créons l'espace pour respirer... et laissons la tranquillité, le contentement se développer en nous.

Lorsqu'on voit cette expression sur tous ces visages différents, originaires de tant de pays différents, on ne peut que réaliser profondément que nous sommes véritablement « un seul monde... et un seul souffle »

Nous sommes tous reliés par le champ d'énergie vitale qui pénètre toute existence, selon les découvertes de la physique actuelle. En nous immergeant régulièrement dans ce champ d'énergie vitale, nous devenons de plus en plus enracinés dans cette réalité absolue que nous sommes tous reliés, que nous participons tous de la trame de la vie. Et en cultivant et développant cette prise de conscience, individuellement et globalement, nous pouvons contribuer d'une manière tranquille et subtile à faire naître un avenir plus radieux qui nous nourrira tous d'une façon qu'il est encore difficile d'imaginer.

Merci encore de rendre possible cet évènement extraordinaire et cette action pour la santé, grâce à votre participation et votre organisation chaque année.


Bill Douglas et Angela Wong Douglas, co-fondateurs de la Journée Mondiale du Tai Chi et du Qigong.

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Dutch version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Boodschap van Bill Douglas en zijn team van het Internationale Centrum voor WereldTaichi&Qigongdag aan al de deelnemers aan dit wereldgebeuren.

Deze wereldomvattende golf van welwillendheid zorgt voor een visie van hoop en heling in een wereld die hunkert naar dit soort visies. Elk jaar de fotos zien van mensen van verschillende culturen, godsdiensten en van elke hoek van de aarde...samen ademend ... in deze wereld T'ai Chi & Qigong beweging maakt een diepe indruk.

Wanneer je de foto's en video's bekijkt dan zie je die blik op het gezicht van de mensen, een blik die een gevoel uitdrukt dat wij allemaal ervaren hebben door het welzijn dat Qi, of de levensenergie, verspreidt door onze geest en ons lichaam wanneer we ruimte maken om te ademen ...en om kalmte en goedheid zich in ons te laten uitbreiden

Wanneer je deze blik ziet in al die verschillende gezichten, van zoveel

verschillende landen, dan kan je niet anders dan je heel diep realiseren dat we inderdaad "één wereld . . . en, . . . één adem " zijn.

We zijn allemaal verbonden door het veld van levensenergie, dat fysici nu aan 't ontdekken zijn en dat alles wat bestaat doordringt.

Door onszelf telkens opnieuw in dit veld van levensenergie te begeven, worden we meer en meer gegrondvest in de absolute realiteit dat . . . we allemaal verbonden zijn . . . allemaal deel zijn van het levensweb. En, door dit besef aan te kweken en te doen groeien zowel persoonlijk als op wereldvlak, kunnen we op een subtiele rustige manier helpen om ons binnen te leiden in een elegantere toekomst die ons allemaal voedt op een manier die we ons nog niet eens kunnen voorstellen..

Nogmaals, dank jullie om dit buitengewone gebeuren en deze gezondheids-beweging mogelijk te maken door jullie organisatie en jullie deelname elk jaar.

Heel hartelijk,

Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas,

Medestichters van World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

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Croatian version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Postovani organizatori, i sudionici World TaChi & Qigong Day Svjetskog TaiChi i Qigong Dana,

Ovaj Globalni Val dobre volje daje viziju nade i lijecenja svijetu koji je gladan takvih vizija, kome su takve vizije prijeko potrebne. Svake godine gledajuci fotografije ljudi iz raznih kultura, religija, iz svakog kutka planete Zemlje ... disuci zajedno ... u ovom globalnom TaiChi i qigong pokretu ... osjecamo dubinu, ljubav i iskrenost.

Kada pogledavate fotografije i video zapise vidite onaj pogled na ljudskim licima , koji izrazava i prenosi osjecaj koji svima nama koji smo osjetili blagostanje koje Qi, ili Zivotna energija , prenosi kroz nas um i tijelo kada si dopustimo da slobodno disemo ... i na taj nacin napravimo i dopustimo smirenosti i zadovoljstvu da se rasiri kroz cijelo nase bice.

Kada vidite taj pogled na svim tim razlicitim licima , iz toliko puno zemalja, ne mozete si pomoci a da ne shvatite da smo svi ustvari jedan svijet ... i ... jedan dah."

Svi smo povezani poljem zivotne energije za koji fizicari sada otkrivaju da ispunjava cijelo postojanje.

Uronivsi u polje zivotne energije sve vise i vise , postajemo sve vise i vise uzemljeni u apsolutnu stvarnost toga da ... smo svi povezani ...da smo svi dijelovi mrese zivota.

I skupljanjem i rastom te realizacije osobno i globalno , mi mozemo pomoci na fin i tihi nacin da se uvedemo u elegantniju buducnost koja hrani i ispunjava sve nas na nacine koje sada ne mozemo jos niti zamisliti.

Ponovno vam svima hvala u organiziranju ovog izvanrednog događaja i zdravstvenog pokreta koji je postao moguc kroz Vasu organizaciju i sudjelovanje svake godine.

Iskreno Vasi,

Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Su-Osnivaci World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

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Italian version:

Opening Statement for WTCQD (If your group wants to use it.)

Dichiarazione di apertura della Giornata Mondiale del Tai Chi e Qigong

Cari partecipanti e sostenitori della Giornata Mondiale del Tai Chi e Qi,

questa ondata mondiale di buona volontà dà una immagine di speranza e di guarigione a un mondo affamato di tali immagini. Ogni anno vedere le foto di persone di differenti culture, religioni e da tutti gli angoli della terra ... respirare insieme ... in questo movimento globale di Tai Chi e Qi ... è una esperienza profonda.

Quando guardiamo queste foto o video, scopriamo una stessa espressione sui volti: una espressione che trasmette il sentimento sperimentato da tutti noi che viviamo questo benessere diffuso dal Qi, o energia vitale, nella nostra mente e nel nostro corpo quando creiamo lo spazio per respirare ... e lasciamo che la calma e la tranquillità si espandano in noi.

Quando vediamo questa espressione su tutti questi visi differenti, provenienti da tanti paesi differenti, non possiamo che comprendere che siamo veramente "un solo mondo ... e ... un solo respiro"

Siamo tutti uniti dal campo di energia vitale che gli scienziati hanno ora scoperto permeare tutta l'esistenza.

Immergendoci regolarmente in questo campo di energia vitale, sempre più ci radichiamo in questa realtà assoluta che ... siamo tutti uniti ... tutti parte della trama della vita. E coltivando e sviluppando questa consapevolezza individualmente e globalmente, possiamo contribuire in modo tranquillo e sottile a far nascere un futuro più raffinato che ci nutrirà tutti in un modo che neppure possiamo immaginare.

Grazie ancora per aver reso possibile questo straordinario evento e questo movimento salutare, tramite la vostra annuale organizzazione e partecipazione.


Bill Douglas e Angela Wong Douglas, Co-Fondatori della Giornata Mondiale del Tai Chi e Qigong

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