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If you have a local organic farm or farmers market that you would like to promote with a free ad on www.worldtaichiday.org let us know, and we'll put it up on the site for your local. So that when the tens of thousands of visitors come to our site each month they can find organic produce from local producers there as well as tai chi and qigong (chi kung) classes.

For Tai Chi and Qigong (chi kung) are actually a lilfestyle, so also visit our TaiChiLifeStyle.com section as well to find natural health and Asian lifestyle items to enrich your life, where a portion of each purchase you make there will go to benefit the global and local health and healing work of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day.

Kansas, Missouri - Kansas City

Kansas City Organic Farm
Produce and Products.
Free range meats, eggs, milk. A humane alternative to factory farming. Compassion and Health come together.

Why Should I Buy "All Natural" Beef?
The Benefits of "All Natural."
Taste the Difference.
Who Are the Producers of "All Natural" Beef?
Where Can I Find "All Natural" Beef Products?
Small Farm Facts.
Why Should I Buy "All Natural" Beef?

Purchasing "All Natural" Beef means buying the best for you and your family. Our beef is produced without growth hormones or subtheraputic antibiotics. This unique approach uses the best health and environmental practices to provide our customers with the highest quality beef. Once you experience the taste of our beef, you will appreciate the difference.

The Benefits of "All Natural"

Raising cattle without growth hormones or subtheraputic antibiotics is the key to our great tasting beef. We are small family farms in Kansas and Missouri that provide the tradition of hard work, personal pride and integrity that ensures the consistent quality of "All Natural" Beef.

Taste the Difference

Our cattle are free ranged on open grassland on small farms in Kansas and Missouri. Cattle are corn-fed during the last four months of production, 20 to 30 days longer than conventional beef. The combination of grazing and a high quality corn-fed diet develops marbling for exceptional flavor and tenderness in our beef products.

Our dry-aging process further tenderizes "All Natural" beef products. All of our beef are aged for seven to fourteen days in coolers with controlled temperature, airflow, humidity, and light levels. Just as fine wine improves with age, the dry aging process improves the quality of "All Natural" Beef by producing a rich flavor and improving tenderness.*

Who are the producers of "All Natural" Beef

We are small family farms producing anywhere from 10 to 100 head of cattle per year. Each producer follows strict USDA-approved quality control procedures and sign veterinarian affidavits to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products. By purchasing "All Natural" Beef, you are promoting better farming and raising practices from farm to your table.

Where Can I Find "All Natural" Beef Products?

Hen House Markets have chosen to provide their customers with premium quality "All Natural" Beef products. Look for our brand label on fresh steaks, roasts and ground chuck at the Butcher's Block in Hen House Markets. In addition to our fresh cuts, "All Natural" Beef, in conjunction with researchers at Kansas State University, have developed processed natural products. Consumers will soon be able purchase the following at Hen House Markets:

Beef Franks

Beef Polish Sausage

Uncured Bratwurst

Beef Summer Sausage

Philly Shaved Round Beef Steak

Marinated Beef Roasts

Small Farm Facts

The small family farmer is disappearing in American agriculture. Today, large corporate farming operations receive the majority of all farm earnings, leaving small family farms with only 41 percent. However, small farms provide open space for wildlife habitat, water recharge and the human need for natural vistas. These farms also contribute significantly to the quality of urban diet by providing fresh, high quality products to the urban population. By purchasing "All Natural" Beef, you are supporting small family farms and strengthening rural economies.

We hope you enjoy our locally raised beef products. We believe we are providing a quality, healthy product for you and your family. Please contact us with any questions or comments at:

Rainbow Organic Farms Co.

Bronson, KS 66716

For more information, e-mail us at info@goodnatured.net

* Tested by an experienced sensory panel and shear force test at Kansas State University.