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Hello, Bill. My event was soo exciting. We had a very small turn out, but the quality was super fantastico!

We did the form at 10 am, of course. At 10:30, Laura Mignosa, a chinese herbalist, gave a talk on Yin, yang and beyond: chinese herbology, for World Healing Day. We then did some Primordial Chi, which I learned from Ken Cohen a few weeks ago at UCONN Health Center. We ended our celebration by OHMing together, and then visited our local Tea Shop for a sampling of Chinese teas as we discussed their Healing Powers.

We were all so pumped, so excited by this combined morning of T'ai chi, Qigong, herbs and teas. I hope everyone's event was as happy as ours.

Love, Sandra Diamond
Sandra Diamond, MA, CtH, RMT
Experiential Health Therapist
Dragonflyllc, Newington, CT



All we got was our group picture after we were do so here is is.

It was a bad day here in Franklin Pa. lots have rain. the park we were at

had a band stand so we had fun any ways. It was a small group 4 that takes

classes and 6 new one they were smiling throw all the Qigong we did

Thank you for letting us join in today later Bud Rankin

World Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Kung) Day in Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States


Hi Bill,

Medina County, Ohio here reporting in after our 4th World Tai Chi

Day event. (Don't have a digital camera, so no pics.) We had a great

turnout considering the temperature was hovering at 50 and it was raining

and somewhat windy. As unpleasant as the weather may have been, about 40

stalwart folks braved the elements, caught the wave of chi, danced in it,

and sent it on its way around the Earth. We had demonstrations of Rainbow

Fan, Tai Chi Sword, and Sun Style and everyone participated in Wu Style,

Simplified 24 Form, Qigong warm-up exercises and energy

movement. Afterward, we all enjoyed hot green tea, homemade cookies, and

great conversation as new folks without any previous Tai Chi experience got

to talk with teachers, long time practitioners, and those that are new to

the art.

So, once again, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day was a great success in

bringing together people from all walks of life to become a part of this

universal planet-healing effort.

Thanks so much, Bill, for all your hard work and for generating

this great event in the first place. We are already looking forward to the

2006 World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!Mary Cuchna

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