St. Augustine, Florida Mayor's
Official Proclamation

                            of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of St. Augustine, Florida for World Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Kung) Day

WHEREAS, Tai Chi Day has been established to educate the public to the profound implications Tai Chi & QiGong can offer; to recognize Chinese culture for providing this powerful health science to the world; and

WHEREAS, Tai Chi reduces stress responses, lowering the incidence of anxiety, depression, fatigue and general mood disturbance; and

WHEREAS, Tai Chi minimizes the effects of chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma and improves breathing capacity; and

WHEREAS, the regular practice of Tai Chi can lower high blood pressure, slow the aging process, improve balance and coordination; and

WHEREAS, Tai Chi improves postural control, while stretching, toning and relaxing the body in a cumulative way that no other exercise can achieve while being a low weight bearing exercise that can be modified in a suitable form for even those suffering with arthritis.

NOW THEREFORE, the City Commission of the City of St. Augustine herby recognizes the benefits of Tai Chi and declares April 30, 2005 ad Tai Chi Day in St. Augustine.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of St. Augustine to be affixed this 11th day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and five and the four hundred and thirty-ninth year of the founding of St. Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City.

George Gardner


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