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Auckland, New Zealand, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Photo

Auckland, New Zealand, World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day Photo

Auckland, New Zealand, World Taiji & Qigong Day Photo

More Auckland event photos, below this event's message . . .
Dear Bill & World Tai Chi & Qigong Day,

. . . to let you know WTCQD 2006 did kick-off successfully in New Zealand. Attached is a news item published in the NZ Herald this morning with photo of the event in Auckland. Hope to send more photos later.

Many thanks and best regards.

David Wong

WTCQD Sponsor - The below products sales go to support our global health & healing efforts.

WTCQD Sponsor - The below products sales go to support our global health & healing efforts.
Auckland WTCQD 2006

About 350 people (280 participants and 70 spectators) attended the WTCQD Event in Auckland held in the Tamaki College Community Recreation Centre Stadium. It rained heavily during the morning and although that did not worry us with the event being indoors we felt it could have affected the spectator numbers.

This year’s event featured a Special 50th Anniversary Performance of the 24 Forms Simplified Tai Chi Chuan (1956 - 2006). Without a doubt this is the best known Tai Chi routine in the world and it was fitting to celebrate the anniversary on WTCQD. Some 200 participants took part in the combined group performance as the opening item at 10.00am (see photos).

The programme catered for all Tai Chi styles and routines and some Qigong forms with free lessons for the public. The event concluded with a mass performance of the colourful, noisy and spectacular Tai Chi Gong Fu Fan routines.

What did it mean to me to do Tai Chi & Qigong with the entire world on this special day?

As an ethnic Chinese – it was about celebrating the wonders of Tai Chi & Qigong and thanking Chinese culture for giving these to the world to better our health and well-being.

As a New Zealander – it was about being “the first to see the sunrise” and kick-starting WTCQD for the rest of the world and to treasure it as a unique kiwi experience.

David Wong

Co-founder Auckland WTCQD

Auckland, New Zealand, World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day Photo
Auckland, New Zealand, World T'ai Chi & Chi Kung Day Photo
Hello Bill:

Due to travel distance (for our older practicioners) we decided to start up WTCQD locally for 2006.

Find two photos attached.

Chenshi Taichi-cise 2006 WTCQD event was attended by around 40 Senior Citizens with a handful of younger artists.

It was a really miserable day weather-wise but morale was high and spirited support came from an auidence some thirty strong.

10.00am on the dot hardy Auckland enthusiasts generated a wave of healing energy that rippled around the globe as men and women of many nations sequentially joined forces in this international display of harmony and culture.

We wish you and all particpants well and look forward to WTCQD 2007.

Kind regards,

Bernard & Malisa.

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