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Jazz great, Cootie Harris, is a regular participant in WTCQD

Jazz great, Cootie Harris, celebrating at Meadville, Pennsylvania - World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day PHOTO

Our deepest thanks to you and Angela for your efforts in organizing this event for peace around the world.

Jim Hoople -- On behalf of the Cootie Harris School of Tai Chi

Hello Bill - Just wanted to report on another successful World Tai Chi Day from Meadville, PA. A light mist fell through most of the hour.

Our public participation was off from previous years. We got caught between Iraq and a hard place. The local chapter of Women in Black has been conducting a vigil every Saturday for the past four years, mourning the dead in Iraq and witnessing for an early resolution to the conflict. Our World Tai Chi event has peacefully coexisted with the Women in Black in previous years. This year, a group of veterans and families of service people has gotten into conflict with the Women in Black and this week the veterans' group pulled the coup of reserving the park for the purpose of excluding the Women in Black and holding a counter rally in support of the war. So against the backdrop of a huge sign proclaiming "We Demand Victory" our little band occupied a quadrant of the park in support of peace, brotherhood and "One Breath". One very bright spot is that we invited a local Tai Chi group previously unconnected to us, led by a Chinese professor and her parents. They joined us with one of their students, so another bridge has been built.

Fortunately the timed face off between the veterans' group and the Women in Black was not scheduled to take place until noon and the exclusionary permit for the park did not go into effect until 11:30, so we were able to get in, celebrate Tai Chi, and get out before the shouting started.

Pictures of our celebration are attached. While the pro-war rally was not scheduled to take off until 11:30, the rally was set up and starting to gather and they were checking us out very closely, because, after all, we wear black as well. We thought the general atmosphere of tension and the press coverage in the local media discouraged people from coming down to check us out.

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Leechburg, Pennsylvania - World Tai Chi & Qigong Day PHOTO

Leechburg, Pennsylvania - World T'ai Chi & Chi Kung Day PHOTO

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