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Auckland, New Zealand - World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day PHOTO

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Hi Bill

Here in Auckland New Zealand WTCQD 2008 looked to start a little shakily with brief rain at 9am. However the collective chi of 130 or so lively attendees eventually drove back the elements, bringing forth the sun and drying out our venue. Once again we, along with all the other tai chi groups around NZ, felt the honour of launching that wave of healing energy we know will be taken up by fellow practitioners around the globe and across 6 continents by more than 60 countries. Well done and congratulations on co-ordinating the 10th anniversary of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day.

On behalf of the attending clubs of South Auckland,

Bernard & Malisa
(Chen taichi-cise Centre).

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Auckland, New Zealand, World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day Photo

Auckland, New Zealand WTCQD 2008 - Part 2 (Mulan Fan)

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