Laurent Denis

Laurent became World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's master artist when he unveiled our NEW 2018 website. This new website finally provided the profound dignity this global health and healing movement deserves to represent it -- a site now capable of proudly representing all the hard work, the long hours, and ongoing vision of a healthier, calmer more peaceful world so many thousands of you worldwide have put into these your local events, which create this global phenomenon each year, for nearly two decades now.

Laurent's journey is a tale worth telling, from his roots in the Bordeaux region of Southwest France to eventually settle in Kansas City USA.  He became a webmaster upon Co-Founding the Restaurant Guide of KC; Global Culinary Escapades: Tour Operator & Travel Agent Specializing in Europe. Then Laurent discovered Tai Chi & Qigong, and as part of that journey came to be a part of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's global health & healing project, bringing the world together year after year for 24 hours of fun, health education, and global connection.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's global family of participants can not bow deeply enough to truly honor what Laurent's journey has brought to presenting this global event to the world via this new state-of-the-art website hub: