Why Public Education Worldwide Should Make Tai Chi & Qigong a Curriculum Standard

To Public Educators:
ABC World News on Meditation in Schools, Govt., Healthcare, & Corporate Wellness (while focus is on mind-fulness meditation it is tangible to Tai Chi & Qigong which show neurological benefits--increase in brain size, etc.)

When you look at the voluminous emerging research mind-body meditative tools like Tai Chi and Qigong, and the results they have on student's performance and well-being, treating ADHD symptoms, as well as reducing bullying, anxiety and depression ... you are left wondering why in the world Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation are not already part of public education worldwide.

World Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Day's ultimate goal is to see Tai Chi and Chi Kung taught as part of public education's main curriculum around the world for a healthier, clearer, calmer planet.
By doing so, within one generation (12 years) the world could be populated with an nearly an entire generation of Tai Chi , Qigong, and Meditation masters. Imagine the global implications!

NOTE: Meditative techniques cannot be coerced! Students MUST be given another option during meditative instruction, ie study hall time, etc.

This insures that students who DO want an experience will have an optimum one, but it also makes students who participate know that they are there by "their choice" and feel empowered to relax into and gain benefits from the experience.

Tai Chi in Inner City School Children's Program in Kansas City

Above video of WTCQD Founder pioneering Tai Chi & Qigong's introduction to education at all levels, K thru university--and now working to share this information to empower teachers worldwide to replicate this ... for a healthier calmer world.
Medical research proves that Tai Chi can help treat ADHD, and that 70 to 85% of illness in the industrialized world is caused by stress. In the US alone health care costs will soon reach over $4 trillion per year. By educating an entire generation in powerful stress management mind/body tools, we could save trillions worldwide in coming years.  Some schools are already taking the lead!

Is it time to think about uniting the worldwide Tai Chi & Qigong family of health & wellness teachers in mutually supportive efforts? You'll find that www.WorldTaiChiDay.org creates a space where we can all support one another, support the expansion of Tai Chi & Qigong worldwide, and through that support global health & healing.
By working together we can envision a day when Tai Chi and Chi Kung are taught in public education worldwide, creating a healthier, clearer, calmer world.
Baltimore Public School Eliminates "Detention" Room, and Replaces it with "Meditation Room." Behavior Improves!
Baltimore Public School Eliminates "Detention" Room, and Replaces it with "Meditation Room." Behavior Improves!
Tai Kids
To Tai Chi & Qigong Teachers:

IMPORTANT TEACHING TIP: Meditative techniques cannot be coerced! See "To Public Educators" to your left. From our experience, teaching in public schools, prison settings, or even in corporate wellness presentations ... participants must be their because they "choose" to be there. This means that when you approach teachers or schools (see below), you must pre-arrange with them to have an opt out option for those who do not want to "own" their participation. We find that in public school classes, generally about 90 to 95% of students WANT to participate. By allowing the 10 to 15% of students another option, you insure that those who do participate get a quality experience.

How to Approach Schools:

Contact schools with the medical research information in WorldTaiChiDay.org's Medical Research Library on how Tai Chi can treat ADHD, and increase mental acuity and brain size, and many other benefits.

Often Health Science teachers might be interested in Tai Chi and Qigong, although drama, music, or even athletic coaches may be interested. Create a flyer for teachers boxes. It all depends on just finding that one right person who already has heard how good Tai Chi and Qigong can be for students.

Work to create age appropriate programs. Young children may need some aerobic activity to work out some energy, and then gradually get them into the moving Qigong and Tai Chi, and finish with meditation (I find laying down on nap matts is most conducive to meditation.)

Keep it light and fun. Focus on breathing full abdominal breaths, and teach them how to "soong" or to let go and sink as they exhale, allowing all their muscles to let go and sag on their body.

Encourage them to close their eyes during Moving Qigong and Laying Down meditations so they can "feel inside" the sensations of themselves, not focusing mentally on the outside world, but free falling within.

Meditation can be age-appropriate, with very young children I use images of falling into and floating on clouds, letting them lift and flow me wherever as I breathe and let go, and let my whole body let go, and sink into a cloud.

Experiment with age groups to determine what they can do, and always be flexible and adjusting your teaching methods to make them more accessible and effective.

Teachers, tips in age appropriate ways: Keep it fun and accessible. Kindergarten children can be taught simple Breathing Exercises, combined with Animal Chi Kung postures, for example. At www.GlobalTransformationProject.org you will find a host of videos and links to Mind Body programs already being taught in Public Education with great success.

For more tips, check out Tai Chi for Special Education.

Tai Chi & Qigong in Public Education Settings

Its already happening!

Tai chi coming to Delphos St. John's school

By BETH L. JOKINEN - 419-993-2093 / bjokinen@limanews.com

DELPHOS — A local pastor thinks there could be a little more reverence in church these days, and he thinks a Chinese martial art is just the thing to help.

That's why the Rev. Thomas Gorman of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is bringing a tai chi instructor to work with Delphos St. John's School students this month.

"I have found that the children with training in martial arts and ballet show a much greater presence physically during church services," Gorman said. "They are much more capable of physical reverence, focus and attention."

Tai chi instructor Tesa Jordan will work with elementary through high school students beginning Feb 13. She will be there for two weeks. Free sessions for the public will be available from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. those days in the elementary school's Little Theater.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day founder, Bill Douglas, has taught Tai Chi & Qigong for students and teaching staffs, from elementary through university. Many teachers worldwide are beginning to incorporate these powerful mind/body health tools into public education at all levels.

Recent research indicating Tai Chi may help save children from a lifetime of drug use, by reducing the symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) -- [University of Miami School of Medicine study], is good news for ALL students, even those without ADHD, because it increases health and ability to focus in all students.

This is especially important to students who may be genius level students, too often mis-diagnosed as having ADHD.